Rockaway Beach

This is where all the surfers go, indeed, it’s the only spot for legal surfing within all of NYC beaches.

Getting There: The most efficient way to get to Rockaway Beach is the legendary A-Train. Yes, A-train, like the major antagonist in the superhero series The Boys. The A-Train goes express from Manhattan to Far Rockaway, hop off at Beach 67 directly at Breakwater Surf Shop.

Inarguably, the most cinematic way to get to Rockaway Beach is the NYC Ferry. Just hop aboard at Wall Street’s Pier 11 or Sunset Park in Brooklyn, take in the misty sights, and get ready for the most delectable beach trip of your life. 

Come Hungry: Legendary and hip restaurants here include what’s been appropriately nicknamed Tacoway Beach, Rockaway Beach Surf Club, where you can sip a bourbon bloody mary with housemade brine, and Rippers, a surfer favorite that will power up your next gnar shredding adventure with pasture raised hot dogs and Ace cold brew. After a long day at the beach, the local surf scene meets for evening hangs and late night parties at Connolly’s Bar, drinking the “Best Frozen Piña Coladas in the Universe”. Feeling almost famous afterwards? Stay at The Rockaway Hotel, enjoying relaxed luxury and resort amenities, like a full-service spa, heated, outdoor pool and rooftop bar.

Trivia: When the punk rock band The Ramones wrote "Rockaway Beach" in 1977 in the style of the Beach Boys, they had good reason to rave: Joey Ramone reportedly grew up in the Queens neighborhood, and bassist Dee Dee Ramone spent so much time in Rockaway he penned the lyrics himself.