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Brooklyn Surf Club

Group Surf Lesson

Group Surf Lesson

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Surf lessons

Our group lessons are a fun and social way to learn how to surf! You'll be joining other people who have also signed up for the lesson, so you may meet new friends along the way. Whether you want to bring a friend or come alone, everyone is welcome to join the group. It's a great opportunity to learn and have a great time together.

These group lessons take place every Saturday and Sunday at 11am, making it convenient for you to plan your weekend surfing adventure. Our surf lessons include:

  1. Warm-up and Safety: The instructor will begin by going over important safety precautions, such as how to handle the surfboard and how to navigate the waves safely. You will continue with some light stretches to warm up your body and help you get in the right mindset. 
  2. Basic Techniques: The instructor will teach the fundamental techniques of surfing, starting with how to paddle and catch waves. They will explain the proper body positioning and demonstrate how to pop up and stand on the surfboard.
  3. Practice on Land: Before hitting the water, you will have the opportunity to practice the techniques on land. The instructor will guide through the movements, ensuring you understand the correct form and body positioning.
  4. In-Water Guidance: Once in the water, the instructor will provide one-on-one guidance to each beginner. They will help them position themselves correctly, time their paddling, and assist in catching waves. The instructor will be nearby, offering tips and encouragement throughout the process.
  5. Feedback and Improvement: After each attempt, the instructor will provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. They will address any specific challenges the beginner may be facing and offer personalized advice to help them progress. The lesson will conclude with a recap of what was covered and a sense of accomplishment for the beginner's achievements.

Once you book your lesson, our surf instructor will get in touch with you to schedule a session that works best for you. You'll join us at Rockaway Beach, the only spot where surfing is allowed among all the beaches in NYC. It's where all the surfers gather, so you'll be in good company!

And here's the best part: For each surf lesson booked we provide a free surf class to kids in underserved communities.

If you need more information give us a call at (929) 949-5081 or write us at we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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