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Bushwick Surf Club

Pigment Dyed Longsleeve - chambray

Pigment Dyed Longsleeve - chambray

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There are many challenges to overcome in life. Getting crushed by a wave isn’t much different than getting broken by some of the other struggles we all eventually encounter.

Surfing helps develop the mental fortitude necessary to overcome many of the challenges we all have to face. By learning to remain calm in the midst of a surfing wipeout, you become better equipped to defeat the other wipeouts they will confront.

Surfing teaches you that, no matter how fierce the challenge is, you have to dig deep and keep swimming.

These longsleeve shirts are the perfect option for all surfers and beach-goers. What does ʺgarment-dyedʺ mean, you ask? Don't worry about the details. What it means to you is that the shirt has that distinctive slightly faded look, like you've got it perfectly broken-in. They're super soft and preshrunk, to boot.

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