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Brooklyn Surf Club

Volunteer: free surfing for kids

Volunteer: free surfing for kids

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Surf lessons

Every Sunday from May to September, Brooklyn Surf Club provides free surf classes to children that wouldn't be able to go surfing without our support. 

For every free surf class, we are looking for 5-10 volunteers that help with:
  • Surf assistant: support our certified surf instructors running the surf sessions (2-3 assistants per surf instructor). 
  • Kids support: help kids stay hydrated and energized during the day 
  • Event realization: help building-up and cleaning-up the event

Please arrive 30 minutes before the lessons starts to prepare yourself.

If you need more information give us a call at (929) 949-5081 or write us at we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Frequently asked question
  1. Do I have to be an experienced surfer to volunteer?
    Everybody can volunteer, even if you have never surfed before. We have certified surf instructors that provide the surf lessons to the kids. Your role will be to ensure that the kids have a fun day, staying hydrated and energized.
  2. What do I need to bring that day?
    Please bring a bathing suit, a towel, food and beverages for yourself. 
  3. Where exactly at Beach 67 is this at? 
    It will be directly at Beach 67. We have two stations:
    1. Directly at Beach we have two tents (white: Brooklyn Surf Club,  orange: Sierra Surf School) marked with a "Surf'n Smile Day" flag. This is where the surf lessons take place.
    2. Breakwater Surf Shop at Beach 67 subway station. This is where you will arrive when taking the A-train. Dell is the owner of the surf shop and he can give directions. 
  4. Will there be a sign?
    Yes, we have big flags at our meeting stations that say "Surf'n Smile Day".
  5. Will volunteers get shirts to be identified as volunteers? 
    We got some hats for all volunteers that will protect you from the sun. We chose a neon pink color that will make it easy to find each other at the beach.
  6. Can I bring my kids, even if they are not registered for the surf class?
    Absolutely, the more the merrier! There are many other kids around, so it will be a fun day at the beach. Please be aware that there are designated surfing and swimming beaches with life guards at Beach 67. There is no swimming allowed in the surfing area in order to prevent surfers colliding with swimmers.
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