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Brooklyn Surf Club

Free Surfing for kids

Free Surfing for kids

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Surf lessons

Every Sunday from May to September, Brooklyn Surf Club provides free surf classes to children age 6-15 that wouldn't be able to go surfing without our support. 

At Brooklyn Surf Club, we are a passionate community of individuals dedicated to supporting diversity and empowering young minds through surfing. Surfing is an activity that not only provides physical benefits but also contributes significantly to the mental well-being of children.

The surf lesson will take 90 minutes and include:

  1. Warm-up and water safety
  2. Surf techniques and practice on land
  3. In-water practice and guidance
  4. Feedback and improvement

You'll join us at Rockaway Beach, the only spot where surfing is allowed among all the beaches in NYC. It's where all the surfers gather, so you'll be in good company!

Please arrive 30 minutes before the lessons starts to prepare yourself. Surfboard and rash guard rental are included in the surf lessons. We recommend to bring a beach towel, sun blocker, and something to eat and drink. Wetsuits, boots and cloves can be rented at additional cost. 

If you need more information give us a call at (929) 949-5081 or write us at we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


Frequently asked question
  1. Which kids qualify for free surf lessons?
    Simply speaking, we are including all kids that wouldn't be able to go surfing without our support. 
  2. At what age can children join the surf lessons?
    We provide free surf lessons for children 6-15 years old.
  3. How many free surf lessons can my children take?
    We would like to encourage every child to come back for more surf lessons. Our mission at Brooklyn Surf Club is to support underprivileged children, so we will give priority to families that provide evidence of financial hardship. 
  4. Do the kids need to know how to surf or swim?
    It is recommended that the kids know the basics of swimming. The water is shallow and we always have a surf instructor or surf assistant next to the kids. 
  5. What do the kids need to bring that day?
    Please bring a bathing suit, a towel, food and beverages. We will provide surf board and rash guard.
  6. Where exactly at Beach 67 is this at? 
    It will be directly at Beach 67. We have two stations:
    1. Directly at Beach we have two tents (white: Brooklyn Surf Club,  orange: Sierra Surf School) marked with a "Surf'n Smile Day" flag. This is where the surf lessons take place.
    2. Breakwater Surf Shop at Beach 67 subway station. This is where you will arrive when taking the A-train. Dell is the owner of the surf shop and he can give directions. 
  7. Can I re-schedule or cancel my free surf lesson?
    Yes, please make changes to your reservation until 24h before your surf lesson starts. If you don’t show up for your surf lesson without notice, you will be disqualified from further free surf lessons. We ask you to arrive 30 mins before the surf lesson starts, latest 15 minutes. If you don’t show up 15 minutes before your surf lesson starts, we will give your free surf lesson to another child on the waitlist.
  8. Can I bring my kids, even if they are not registered for the surf class?
    Absolutely, the more the merrier! There are many other kids around, so it will be a fun day at the beach. Please be aware that there are designated surfing and swimming beaches with life guards at Beach 67. There is no swimming allowed in the surfing area in order to prevent surfers colliding with swimmers.
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